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Verizon’s spyware-launcher will be sending app usage data to advertisers

An app launcher and search tool AppFlash will be pre-installed on devices sold by Verizon. It allows the telecommunication giant and its partner companies to track the usage of apps on the phone and gather a lot of other information on the behavior of its user. The launcher is now being tested on LG K20 V.

A launcher is a “skin”-app that allows changing the interface and functions of a smartphone, adds additional services, options and settings to the operation system. In order to do this, the app demands access to a bunch of system functions and to the device’s contents. »

The most irritating and the most acceptable ad formats as researched by the Coalition for Better Ads

Founded in 2016, the Coalition for Better Ads has recently shared the results of it’s ad perception research, naming the most and the least acceptable ad experiences. Ad formats for desktop and mobile web has been rated and ranked separately.

Coalition for Better Ads is an association of the biggest advertisers, platforms and adtech developers worried about ad blockers popularity growth and intended to "improve the consumer online ad experience". The coalition includes Facebook, Google, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, The Washington Post, News Corp, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) with it's area divisions as well as other companies and non-commercial organizations. »

The reason why mobile browsers are popular again

In developed countries fewer people are using browsers to go online, everyone uses mobile apps- Facebook, Snapchat, etc. to access the content of interest. But it's a different story for developing countries where mobile browsers are gaining popularity, and this has a strong reason behind it. »

The EU will make its citizens aware of their personal data usage and change the whole adtech market

General Data Protection Regulation adopted in the European Union will come into force in May 2018 and will revolutionize the business of companies that collect and use the personal data of the EU citizens. First of all, these are adtech and martech providers, who use users’ data for ads targeting, personalization of promotions and offers, and research of consumer behavior, habits, demand.

This market expects some "quakes" - drop in companies’ market value, changes of users’ behaviour, mergers and acquisitions. Here are three most important aspects of innovation that will lead to such consequences. »