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The EU will make its citizens aware of their personal data usage and change the whole adtech market

General Data Protection Regulation adopted in the European Union will come into force in May 2018 and will revolutionize the business of companies that collect and use the personal data of the EU citizens. First of all, these are adtech and martech providers, who use users’ data for ads targeting, personalization of promotions and offers, and research of consumer behavior, habits, demand.

This market expects some "quakes" - drop in companies’ market value, changes of users’ behaviour, mergers and acquisitions. Here are three most important aspects of innovation that will lead to such consequences. »

PageFair Adblock report 2017

Several days ago PageFair (the industry leading anti-adblocking authority and solutions provider) issued a traditional report on ad blocking. The presentation is very interesting, although we must say that we do not agree with all the data and conclusions provided. Anyway, from this report you will find out how people get to know about ad blockers, how many women/men there are among ad blocker users and much more. »

The ad blocking apocalypse: it's not happening

What do we say to "adblock apocalypse"? Not today.

In recent years advertisers and publishers have been worryingly following the growth of ad blockers. Preparing the reports, filing the complaints and generally waiting for the true apocalypse in the industry. However, there are no reasons for such concern. Mashable has recently published an article, which we want to share with you. »

EU defines its stance on ad blockers

Some of you may have already heard about ePrivacy Directive by European Commission. We won't go through all the points of this document, but we can't share the part which goes about ad blocking.
So the latest changes actually allow media companies to take measures against ad blocker users. »